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1        SecureOffice Custom Script Repository

The script repository contains various helper scripts intended to make managing various functions of SecureOffice more automated, less error prone and more convenient. These scripts allow complex tasks to be accomplished without major learning effort and time.

These scripts are available to paid subscribers of the custom SecureOffice package / script repository.

It is not necessary for free users to subscribe to the SecureOffice repository to achieve any of this functionality. All standard OpenWrt packages are available to SecureOffice users. There are an abundant number of HowTo's on the OpenWrt Wiki for those inclined to "do it themselves". Any OpenWrt HowTo will work for SecureOffice. It never hurts to learn something new.

The script repository is for those who prefer to spend a little money to save the time, effort and learning curve to properly manage SecureOffice and to take advantage of the extensive testing done by the SecureOffice team. In addition, these scripts are supported. Time is money.

It is assumed that users already have access to the SecureOffice custom package / script repository. If not, follow instructions here.

2        Virtual Private Network Scripts

A collection of scripts to make managing OpenVpn connections, configurations, routing and creation of client / server keys an easy, semi-automated process.

Apart from easily automating complex, error prone tasks, these scripts accomplish:

Allow VPN connections from VPN providers who do not support TAP devices to be bridged to WiFi SSID's and ethernet ports which allows sharing VPN connections for the following purposes:

  • Breaking geo-restrictions for streaming services such as US (or any jurisdiction) Netflix and Hulu, allowing them to be accessed from any jurisdiction.
  • Provide totally isolated (from your network infrastructure) internet connections which can be used for guests or a virtual ISP (another internet connection) and testing your services.

Allow secure remote access (bridged or routed) to SecureOffice LAN resources for telecommuting, secure phone calls from your cellphones, viewing private IP cameras, etc.

Instructions for requirements, configuration alternatives, acquiring and using the VPN scripts are available here.

3        RAID Installation Script

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is used to provide fault tolerance for critical data such as websites, databases or any data that is hard to reconstruct and painful to lose. Combined with email notifications, it provides early notification that a disk is failing, allowing it to be replaced on the fly before any data is lost. Combined with regular backups, RAID guarantees that no data will be lost, or, if so, it is easily replaced.

Instructions for requirements, configuration alternatives, acquiring and using the RAID installation script are available here.

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