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Why this Product Exists  SecureOffice  xoops  29-Nov-2020 22:40  0  4996 reads


1      Why This Product Exists

Personally speaking, I, the primary designer / architect of SecureOffice have experienced and observed many aggressions at the hands of corrupt forces self-alleging to be the powers that be. Still standing, more defiant than ever.

I have seen my civilization devolve:

  • From: a peaceful, merit based "division of labor" voluntary social / economic organization in pursuit of collective excellence where equality of opportunity (and under law) existed for all, respect for proven fact and reason.
  • To: A conflictual, compulsive "division of spoils" "civilization", on a path to perhaps the last world war, where the most corrupt and best lying psychopaths rise to the top (because of information control) and enslave / exploit all others, creating a huge underclass of needy dependents (who will riot if entitlements end) requiring self-alleged "powers that be" to pretend to be "fair", at collective expense.

Just one small example: As senior system and communications engineer at Nortel (designer of the very first caller / call waiting identification method and the telephone network protocols required to make it work globally), I was initially quite proud of my work and the quality of life improvements it enabled (ignore unwanted callers, without having to waste time or be rude). Then, I realized: It was not mainly about quality of life for customers, it was the very first step into the ability of those who control communications infrastructure (surveillance state) to know who's communicating with who, profiling social networks, giving them the ability to kill any dissident networks (political opposition) before they gain public awareness. Revolution is really Re-Evolution (adapting to reality). Hard to do without knowledge of "reality". Sorry guys / gals.

Several years later (early 1990's), once the "value" of profiling social networks for control freaks became apparent (treat this as an unsubstantiated allegation, since very few have the courage to speak out and help prove it, lest they be "disappeared"), a huge CIA / NSA delegation showed up at Nortel global headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, demanding unfettered / unmonitored backdoor access to all our networking and switching equipment, else, be shut down, blocked from "free markets". Rank and file engineers opined "no way". You can guess what really happened, when management chooses. I assume every major telecommunications manufacturer on the planet had similar visits. Your property is spying on you and has been for quite some time. I am not the first, nor will I be the last to state this inarguable FACT. Google "Edward Snowden" or "Julian Assange".

Nortel is now RIP, since it is considered "unfair" that competent, productive people be paid more than "needier", unproductive people. This (punitive taxes, brain drain) drove the best and brightest Nortel employees out of Canada (taking trade secrets to our competitors), causing massive product failures (incompetence, inability to compete by excellence) which more money was futilely thrown at (competence was required, but to "bean counters", all engineers are equal, throw more at the "problem"). Management reacted to inability to make an honest buck in Canada and engaged in "pump and dump" stock fraud, were criminally changed and got "wrist slaps" (IMHO, because they could plausibly argue that the greedy tax person caused this, left them no choice).

Bottom line: We now live in a "civilization" where the truth that should be setting us free, on a path to collective excellence, ability to freely communicate / express ourselves is deeply suppressed / misrepresented by control / suppression of information. As a communications engineer, I am painfully aware of this. We are at war for our very right to exist and choose our own paths in life, to peacefully live and raise our families, passing on our values as we see fit. As a self-made successful man, from the days when it was once possible, I seek this opportunity for everyone, including my (and your) children.

My last assignment at Nortel combined my private interests in social / economic (comparative study of civilizations / history) needs / trends and technology trends. My job was to identify product opportunities ten years out at the intersection of social / economic needs and technological capability.

SecureOffice is the result of concluding: WE need to fight back in the war for control of perceived reality (information), attempting to enslave all of us, starting with our minds. SecureOffice is a powerful tool, opportunity for those who wish to protect themselves from the (in)security state and info-warriors who wish to be pro-active, or at least stay out of the crossfire by becoming anonymous, invisible to the perps who are "casing our joints", hunting for prey. The solution is to "go dark" and SecureOffice is the means.

Yes, there is work and maybe some learning involved. Freedom IS NOT FREE.

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