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About OpenWrt

OpenWrt is the high efficiency Linux Operating System (OS) at the heart of SecureOffice. It is the ongoing culmination of decades of work by the opensource community in the areas of making Linux more secure, efficient and less resource intensive, making it very suitable for resource limited (inexpensive) hardware.

The OpenWrt portion of SecureOffice and all standard OpenWrt packages / applications are free to install, upgrade, and use. This provides a high performance, state of the art, secure router / gateway for free.

SecureOffice / OpenWrt is also available as a free VmWare Workstation virtual machine for users wishing a zero cost / minimal effort path for evaluating SecureOffice or to start immediately while awaiting hardware. Once hardware is available, the SecureOffice virtual machine settings can be easily backed up and restored to real hardware.

SecureOffice / OpenWrt can also run on any x86_64 (64 bit) Windows 7 (WHQL) compatible hardware including old PC's and laptops. If you are interested in compactness and energy efficiency, inexpensive, fanless, low power Home Theatre PC's (HTPC's) are recommended.

OpenWrt has a vast array of supported hardware, packages, HowTo's and a very active support community.

SecureOffice extends OpenWrt with packages not available from OpenWrt such as Xorg server, (windows GUI), various Xorg applications, SecurePBX (encrypted PBX / phone system), Vmware Workstation (host virtual machines), NxServer (remote xorg access), a LetsEncrypt client (free automatically renewing SSL certificates), Xeama (IP camera monitor / record), ZoneMinder (IP camera view / record /motion detect alarms) and Home-Assistant (home automation) applications. In addition, many kernel drivers and libraries required as dependencies are provided for the previous applications.

A list of standard (no cost) SecureOffice packages can be seen here. A list of optional (minor annual access cost) SecureOffice packages can be seen here. In general, any package that is free for OpenWrt is free for SecureOffice.

SecureOffice replaces the standard OpenWrt webserver with the Nginx webserver, which has far superior performance. Nginx also allows name based virtual addressing for IOT applications using addressing such as and as opposed to inefficient multiple webserver instances running on multiple ports.

A basic overview of OpenWrt is available here.

OpenWrt documentation and HowTo's are located here.

The OpenWrt forum for user and developer help is located here.

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