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About SecurePBX

SecurePBX is a private phone system which allows businesses, organizations and individuals to easily and inexpensively replace their legacy phone service providers while retaining their investment in existing phones and wiring. Due to the vastly superior economics and features of VOIP over traditional telephony, it is estimated that cost savings (reduced / eliminated phone bills) should allow SecurePBX to pay for itself within one to two years, if not sooner.

SecurePBX provides the secure audio / video and fax communications functions of SecureOffice. It allows you to keep communications with your associates private and immune to snoops, including agents of the (in)security state. It is the premier technological solution to the problem of enforcing our hard won natural rights to privacy encoded in law, but no longer respected by our "guardians" of peace and civilization.

Even if the security benefits of SecurePBX are not valued, compatibility with existing telecommunications infrastructure, phones and the superior economics of VOIP over traditional telephony are overwhelming reasons to choose SecurePBX.

The development team and beta testers (in Canada) have used free (cross Canada) long distance calling and not paid landline phone bills for over five years using SecurePBX with the FreePhoneLine service, which is expanding into the US. This allows free cellphone service, when free WIFI is available as it is in all metropolitan areas or using cellular data when it is not. It is also possible (for a small transfer fee) to keep your existing phone numbers. Even if no free SIP telephony services are available, the superior economics of VOIP should allow SecurePBX to pay for itself within a very short time.

SecurePBX consists of FreeSwitch (basic SIP VOIP call controller), FusionPBX (Web GIU for easy FreeSwitch administration), plus custom enhancements in the areas of intrusion (hacker) detection / prevention, simplified gateway setup for North American dialplans and graphical performance monitoring.

All modules / functionally available for FreeSwitch / FusionPBX are included at no extra cost with SecurePBX. All FreeSwitch / FusionPBX HowTo's (for extra functionality), freely available on the internet may be used.

A default SecurePBX installation supports four gateways (phone numbers), twenty extensions (phones) and is capable of handling approximately ten thousand extensions (four digit numbering plan), as many gateways (phone numbers) as desired at a thirty call per second rate. This is enough for a small town or moderate sized business. Freeswitch / SecurePBX specifications are available here. More gateways and extensions can be easily added.

A one-month free trial of SecurePBX allows you to try before buy. By following the SecureOffice and SecurePBX installation pre-requisites on this site SecurePBX can be up and running quickly, once SecureOffice has been configured with a domain name and a VOIP provider selected.

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